Disrupting your own industry


Just finished reading an article on the Washington Post entitled Carmakers keep investing in apps that tell you not to drive. Here’s why that’s a shrewd move by Matt McFarland. To quickly summarize, carmakers are developing services that seem to be counter-productive to selling cars. Everything from ride sharing, car-sharing, and mass transit apps are in play. It seems that auto manufacturers are savvy to the fact that they need to stay in front of the needs of the consumer. The quote below is really what caught my attention…

“But if car ownership is fading, it’s always best to disrupt your own business than let someone else do it. By looking to the future and anticipating customers’ shifting desires, carmakers can stay relevant.”

This got me thinking about what we are doing in education to not only stay relevant but mostly importantly to address the needs our students. It seems so often that conversations about shifting instructional models and practices boil down to tedious debates about logistics, schedules, college credit, and budgets. It seems like our immediate work is to being to transform the cultures of schools to become more agile, flexible, and open to innovation. Curious if anyone has found ways to shift their school cultures and feel they are becoming more agile and open to change?

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