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Fuzzy definition of the ED problem


As I sit through another session at #ettipad, i cannot stop drifting from one idea to the next. @gregkulowiec’s talk about the proper mindset for integrating iPads into the classroom referenced Seymour Papert which made me think about stagecoaches with jet engines which led to Morozov’s bookTo Save Everything Click Here about the downside of technology solutionism which made me think about Sir Ken Robinson’s call to foster, support, and teach creativity which got me thinking about the energy of educator’s like @ijukes and @angelamaiers which in turn made me contemplate the conversations I have with TWITS like @dwillard @fredbartels @pgow @raventech and so many others that influence my thinking which brought me back to Evengy Morozov’s book (which I have not finished) because it seems like of all this distills back to one thing – we have to properly define the problem. iPads, smartphones, laptops, or whatever other tool is developed in the next few years are insignificant if we cannot better understand our problem. I cannot find anyone who is interested in arguing that there aren’t significant problems with education and yet we don’t seem to have a clear definition of the problem we are all trying to solve. Perhaps the wandering thoughts above all just pieces of the definition of the problem.

Re-thinking How to Select Mobile Apps


Found this post and thought it was worth sharing just because of the app descriptions. The more I read it, the more I think it is an interesting way to view/select apps for our digital backpacks. I recommend everyone take a quick look. Below is a brief excerpt. I will post the other blog posts in this series as they are posted.

What I mull over is how instruction using mobile technology can contribute to this type of thinking. That these new, promising mobile devices often house apps offering more of the same drill-and-kill activities we desire to minimize is a limitation. In attempts to integrate mobile technology, educators are left to the mercy of app developers who or may or may not fully understand how imperative it is that our children become critical and creative thinkers.

In this upcoming series, I will highlight apps useful for developing higher order thinking skills in grades K-5 classrooms. Each list will highlight a few apps that connect to the various stages on Bloom’s continuum of learning. Given the size and current exponential growth of the app market, I will also assist educators in setting criteria necessary to identify apps that maintain the integrity of teaching for thinking.

Apps that fit into the “remembering” stage improve the user’s ability to define terms, identify facts, and recall and locate information. Verbs commonly used to describe this phase include naming; finding, labeling, listing, selecting, retaining, naming, retrieving, recognizing, registering or realizing. Many educational apps fall into the “remembering” phase of learning. They ask users to select an answer out of a line-up, find matches, and sequence content or input answers.

Click here to read the entire post by Diane Darrow (@dianedarrow) on Edutopia.