Madeline Hunter lesson plan model from College of Education, University of Nevada

Smart Planning helps address multiple intelligences.

smart planning

Multiple Intelligence Lesson Planning or Colorful version

multiple intelligence lesson planning

Template from

Online Teaching Resources – click on the partial image below to see the entire template.

Daily Lesson Plan template using boxes to define and categorize activities & objectives.

Another Graphic Oriented Lesson Plan Template from

Lesson Planning using Bento from Filemaker Pro

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  1. I love the Writer’s Workshop Plan. I have been trying to come up with something similar. Actually I love your whole space here. As an old new teacher I am always looking for ideas to bring writing into my classroom. I tried to download the template so that I could adapt it for my classroom, but I am able to edit, do you have any suggestions?

    • Deb –
      i have only loaded images for the purpose of sparking ideas. Unfortunately, I don’t have editable templates at this time. Thanks for the comment and best luck on the start of your school year.

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