The collection of resources below is designed to support new teachers as they embark on the new year.

Discovery Education’s Survival Tips for New Teachers -Discovery Education supplies tons of resources that new teachers will find helpful at this site.

Middleweb’s First Days of Middle School for Middle School Teachers.

LearnNC is website from the UNC School of Education, this site offers everything from classroom management techniques to projects and collections. While much of the information is specific to North Carolina, there is still plenty here for teachers in other states.

Survival Guide for New Teachers -This online handbook is published by the US Department of Education and offers tons of information to make that first year a bit easier.

ISENET, the Independent School Educators Network, is a Ning created by Demetri Orlando, Tech Director at Battle ground Academy for the purpose of discussing education, asking questions, and experimenting with a “social networking” platform for vibrant intellectual purposes. Lots of great conversations and resources.

Teachers Helping Teachers website designed for sharing lesson plans and more.

Multiple Intelligences It has been claimed by some researchers that our intelligence or ability to understand the world around us is complex. Some people are better at understanding some things than others.

4mat lesson planning website 4MAT is a method for helping all learners be successful.  It offers teachers a way to reach all the types of learners. If offers learners insight into their personal approaches to learning.

Paidei Center – The National Paideia Center provides training and support for teachers of all grade levels and subject areas.  We have professional development and resources tailored to specific grade level and subject area.

Harvard University Center for Developing Child  – Specifically, the Center is committed to

  • Building a unified science of health, learning, and behavior to explain the early roots of lifelong impairments;
  • Leading the design, implementation, and evaluation of innovative program and practice models that reduce preventable disparities in well-being;
  • Catalyzing the implementation of effective, science-based public policies through strategic relationships and knowledge transfer; and
  • Preparing future and current leaders to build and leverage knowledge that promotes the healthy development of children and families and brings high returns to all of society.

Howard Gardner – Multiple Intelligences  – What’s your learning style?

Tony Wagner – Innovation in Education

Edutopia – We share evidence- and practitioner-based learning strategies that empower you to improve K-12 education. (G. Lucas)

Carol Dweck – Fixed Mindset versus Growth Mindset, Grit


Winning at Teaching without Beating Your Kids by Barbara Coloroso

Teaching with Love and Logic by Jim Fey and David Funk

The Courage to Teach Guide for Reflection and Renewal by Parker J. Palmer with Megan Scribner

Eight Ways of Knowing by David Lazear

Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov

Blessing of the Skinned Knee by Wendy Mogel

Blessing of the B- by Wendy Mogel

Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

Developing Students Multiple Intelligences by Kristen Nicholson-Nelson

Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe

Short Guide to Action Research by Andrew Johnson

Creating Innovators – Tony Wagner

Child Development by Renee Prillaman

Child Development by Allen Broyles

Classroom Management by Ed Fox

Miscellany by Ed Fox

From Philosophical to Practical

21st Century & Tech in classroom

Role of a Teacher

Assessment and Planning

Preparing an Entry Plan

Entry Plan

Born to Learn

Assessment and Rubric resource site

Rubric Resources

Rubric Criteria

Schools of the Future

Rick Wormeli’s Substitute Lesson Plan Ideas

Education World lesson plan site is a good place to find ideas and resources.


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