Students’ Definitions of Love

When you are willing to give your all and do anything for someone. When you are able to tell that person everything trusting they won’t judge you. Opening your heart to someone and letting them in when you are most vulnerable. When an obstacle gets in the way, having the passion and need to move past it. Love can be in friendships, relationships, and family. There are different kinds of love, romantic, friendship, family, etc.

To be complete, love needs to encompass emotional and physical connection, as well as devotion, passion, and trust.

True love is a learning process which surpasses sexual desires.

After much research, we have found that love is an emotional connection based on trust with a person that will do anything for you. It is also something that can change your life very quickly.

Love is a strong emotional connection that two people share, and it is a shared passion leads the two on a journey that is ever lasting through death. When in true love you will do any thing for the other person and are  devoted to them in many different ways.

True love requires  sacrifice, devotion, communication, and trusting each other.

For example, the ancient Greeks believed that everybody’s soul was split in two by the gods at the beginning of time and that true love was simply the result of a soul meeting its counterpart. No matter how it is looked at, the truth of the matter is that everybody feels the same warm feeling when they see the person they love walk into a room.

With Mr. Thompson saying love is, “caring about someone so deeply that your life would be different without them,” and Mr. Henry saying that love is, “taking turns taking care of each other,” shows that love can be a very wide range of things.

My definition of love states that it is the evolving affection that one feels that can change a person’s life forever . One of our guests stated, “When you meet the person that you want to spent the rest of your life with, you want your life to begin right at that moment.”

Romeo and Juliet shows that they really were in true love because they showed devotion and sacrifice, things that a strong couple that has been together for a long time would have.

True love is a feeling that you get when you are physically attracted to someone and you are willing to sacrifice everything to keep that person in your life.

Romeo and Juliet showed that even if you don’t have much time they can still have true intimacy and true selflessness, which are all the key ingredients to love.


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